Two Loves One Heart


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What would you do if your first love tried to come back into your life after he walked out of your life for over 10 years with no explanation? In this romance novel, TWO LOVES, ONE HEART, Lynnette Thomas is faced with such a dilemma. She will be forced to choose between her first love turned abusive and an old friendship that develops into a passionate romance.

First love is wonderful…..
Lynnette Thomas was a very pretty and intelligent girl in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She had visions of having a family and becoming very successful one day. Most of her dreams came true and she had a beautiful beginning; marriage to her childhood sweetheart Billy Matthews, and soon after, started a family. Lynnette’s fairytale life came crashing down and left her feeling adrift and lonely.

….But a second chance at love can be better….
Lynnette reconnects with a friend from her childhood at one of the loneliest points in her life. Steven Montgomery had gone from the school nerd to a hot, sexy lawyer whom Lynnette could hardly recognize. Their friendship blossomed into much more. Her beauty overpowered him; his sensuality made her tingle with desire. Both of them feared the blazes of desire that flared so hotly between them.

Will two old friends allow their chance at happiness to slip away? Not if they reach out to each other, give in to their desires, and let love bind their hearts and join their souls. Their lives could be changed forever…. BY A THING CALLED LOVE.

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Kindle, Paperback, Hard Cover

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