Carrie J. Keaton lives in Holly Grove, a very small rural community in the state of Arkansas. She is the eldest of five children and has three brothers and one sister. She has one son from a previous marriage and 14 year old son from her last marriage which ended by the death of her husband in October 2011. She has always lived near her elderly parents just in case they would need her. Presently, she is disabled but passionately pursues her writing career which she truly really loves.

I work for the USDA Federal Grain Inspection Service. I don’t consider writing novels as work. Writing is my fun time, my stress-reliever time, so when I get in from work and get my little son taken care of, I relax by writing.

I began my writing in the High School, when I would hand-write my stories for my classmates to read. I’m proud to say some of those same classmates are Carrie J. Keaton readers today!

My professional writing career began in 2006 when I self-published my first book with Authorhouse. My first book, Two Loves, One Heart is an inspirational novel that explores domestic violence, love, romance, relationships, and friendships. Anyone who has ever felt the heartbreak and trials that love can bring, especially those who have experienced abusive or controlling relationships, will relate to my main character Lynnette’s journey to find true love within herself. I want to give readers hope that they can bring their lives around from the brink of devastation and despair if they have the desire to help themselves. I want to get it out there that they are worthy of being helped. This help can come from family and friends or professionally if the need be. I am speaking from experience and I am a SURVIVOR. My strong faith in God and my family helped me to find my way back from that dark and lonely place. I am thankful and truly blessed. That horrible experience has taught me that, “LOVE SHOULDN’T HURT”.

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